No, your eyes don't decieve you:
nothing would be possible
(or not our way)

We wanted to shine a light on the importance of female contribution in our sometimes not-so-fair world.
International Women’s Day is a way for all of us to celebrate and give much-deserved recognition to women the world over - the first step to bringing about a necessary change and progression.

Here at Brava, we are delighted to be able to rely on the input of creative, valuable women to uphold the ethos of our brand. From the start to the end of the production process, our team of female employees is crucial to the harmony and success with which we work.

The majority of our employees are, interestingly, female. Why is this? We value a person for their creativity, input, attitude and ability to work well with others, regardless of their gender. We value authenticity above trying to meet a quota to keep up with trendy social politics and sorority is really important to us. It is essential to see women supporting women, being inspired by other women, and most importantly of all: working together with other women. That’s what we do.

Let’s celebrate that, and let’s ensure that this is just the first step of many on our journey to a freer, fairer and more respectful world.