Our farewell to a very special year

Coffee in the morning with a little talk about the past weekend, loud laughter when we all sit together at our big table for lunch, personal conversations whenever someone needs advice or help and, of course, snack time on Friday afternoon when everyone is ready for the weekend but there is still some work to be done. That used to be our daily life at the Brava office, all together in a very united team.

This year has been quite challenging in all its aspects, and as a team we needed to find other ways in order to maintain our strong connection and friendships.

Video chats and a little Aperitivo on a Friday afternoon, kind words here and there and many, many phone calls made it all possible.

2020 taught us how important the closeness and empathy are to reach our personal and our common goals in Brava.

In addition to a fantastic team, however, our great community is also responsible for our success and motivates us to go on and on.

Therefore, we say thank you! Thank you for having such a great team and amazing community behind us, with whom we could master 2020 in the best possible way! 

We wish you all the best 2021,

Your Brava Team