Learn how to wash your wool apparel carefully

We love wool. It is an amazing natural material to wear and has kept people warm for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, most common farms use a cruel practice called mulesing, where big flaps of skin around the tail of the sheep are cut off. This is supposed to prevent fly infestation, which only occurs because the overbred animals carry too much wool.

We are against the idea of mulesing and for Brava it’s clear: If we want to work with wool, we can only do it with respect for sheep. Although regular shearing around the back is more expensive in the long run, we think it’s totally worth its costs for a much happier sheep and 100% animal-friendly apparel.

As sustainable merino wool demands specific attention and treatment, here are a few tips to take care of your favourite wool clothes:



If you want to wash your knitwear in the most careful way, we recommend to wash it by hand using cold water.
The most traditional way of washing clothes is also the most reliable and careful way if we want to avoid shrinking and fabric alteration.

Once washed, we recomment to dry it using a hanger so it doesn't loose its proper shape.


Sometimes, due to the fact that our clothes are 100% organic, totally synthetics-free, they perform differently than most items and feel smaller after washing.

Don't panic, it's normal, but it is no irreversible. If you notice your jumper has shrinken after washing, you can iron it carefully with pressurized steam in order to make it expand again.


1. Wash at or below 20ºC

2. Do not use bleach

3. Do not tumble dry

4. Iron low (maximum 110ºC)

If you use the wool setting on your washing machine, make sure that the washing conditions are correct.

Often the wool setting on standard washing machines does not guarantee the use of cold water, therefore, it’s essential that you make sure the water temperature does not exceed 20º.