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At Brava, we firmly believe that the fashion world needs a change. A revolution! We want to bring respect, trust and transparency back into the fashion industry, by making apparel in the best possible way: fair, sustainable & timeless.

Do you want to join our mission and spread the message on Instagram & TikTok? Then apply to become a Brava Ambassador! #wearebrava


Fill out our application form so that we can get to know you. Please enter your favorite items from these collections only: Man or Woman

Once we approved your application, you receive at least one of your favorite Brava items for free and get your personal discount codes.

Spread the message! Tell your community, friends & family about Brava on Instagram or TikTok. With each sale you earn commissions in form of store credits.

Brand Ambassador Perks

As a Brava Ambassador, you are not only part of an amazing community and an important movement, but you also receive lots of perks: Once you are approved you get free products from us and a 20% discount  code for your own use. In addition, you'll receive a 15% discount code for your friends, family and followers! Oh, and with each purchase that is done with your discount code, you get 5€ store credits for our online shop!

Sounds great? Then apply now!  

Free products & -20% for you

-15% for friends & family

5€ store credit for each sale

Be part of a movement

What you need to become a Brava Ambassador

To join our Ambassador program, you need to have a public profile on Instagram or TikTok with at least 500 Followers. 
In addition, you should be over 18 years old and publish content on a regular basis.

Please note: If your profile is not public, we cannot consider your application. 

How to create content on Social Media

To get started we have summarized all the important criteria for you so that you can successfully implement your first Ambassador missions on Social Media. Get inspired and find out how to increase your engagement and the chance to make a sale!

 Click here to see our Ambassador briefing



Anyone who shares our values and is active on Instagram or TikTok! To become a Brava Ambassador, you should have more than 500 followers, have a public profile and be interested in sustainable lifestyle, fair fashion and/or creative design. Ideally, you address one of these topics regularly on your social media account. In addition, you should be over 18 years old.


Once you are approved by us, you will receive at least one free product of your choice, which you can use for your content creation. You will also receive a personal discount code to share with your community via social networks. With every purchase made with your discount code you will receive 5€ credit for our online store. You can redeem the voucher at any time or collect it continuously. You decide when you want to use it. There is no minimum order value!


There are a few rules, that are very important to us. Please read them carefully and respect them when promoting Brava:

. • Please do not add your Ambassador code to coupon sites! We check these sites frequently and have to remove you from our program, if we see your code there.
 • Please do not comment with your Ambassador code on any of our social media posts or channels.